Free Printable Puzzles

At first look Pazurgo® puzzles may seem a bit complex. But the truth is that they can be quite intuitive and easy to understand. Quickly read over the instructions on how to solve Pazurgo puzzles (listed below) and then download one of the free puzzles and give it a try. The learning curve is not steep, and after a time or two the puzzles will unfold very naturally.

How to Solve Pazurgo® Puzzles

Before attempting your first puzzle, you'll probably want to read through the instructions below.

  1. Similar to the pre-solved word provided in each puzzle, the object is to solve each of the Trivia clues by finding the solution word in the puzzle by forming a "chain" linking the letters of the word together.
  2. Beginning with the pre-circled and highlighted starting letters, each letter of the solution word chain is discovered in turn in a horizontal or a vertical direction from the previous letter (there are no diagonal solutions).
  3. A line is drawn linking two consecutive letters in a word, crossing out any letters of the puzzle which fall in between, and letters which are crossed out may no longer be used in a solution word.
  4. Each letter may only be used once for a single solution word, and any letters which are circled may not then be crossed out by a solution word chain.
  5. A solution word chain may cross over itself, or cross over the chain of another solution, but a chain may not cross through the black squares.
  6. When all of the Solution words have been discovered, the remaining letters which are not circled or crossed out will form the solution to the "Scramble" clue, when those letters are unscrambled in the correct order.

Puzzles and Solutions

Click the name of a puzzle to download the printable PDF file. Then download the solution PDF files to check your answers.